Perry Khalil

Perry_Kurker_Mraz_022Perry Khalil is a visual artist, metal worker, fabricator, graphic designer, industrial designer, painter, and sculptor. With a background in carpentry and metalworking, Perry highly regards raw materials and their inherent aesthetic value. His work is driven by attention to detail, repetition, and craftsmanship. His mediums vary from pen and ink to steel and wood. His illustrations contain patterns that he has been using for over a decade.

Perry Khalil’s work is based on two core principles: the value of man hours spent on a piece and the use of raw materials. Perry can spend upwards of 20 hrs on one 8.5”x11” illustration, from conception to the completion of his signature pattern. In his functional sculpture, Perry will hand file welds to achieve the desired aesthetic, or leave them exposed in order to show the handmade qualities of the piece. The use of steel, brass, and wood allows for the design and the materials to be the focus of a piece rather than any concealing finishes or gildings.