Nathan Braun

Nathan_Braun_002Nathan Braun originates from Marin County, California, and is currently completing his senior year at Gallatin where he has been concentrating in Entertainment Production and Creative/Dramatic Writing. Through these pursuits, Nathan has been able to gain an understanding of both how to construct narratives across different mediums, as well as the behind the scenes work necessary to bring these stories to their audiences. Nathan’s primary passion is theater and he has been fortunate enough to work with and learn from remarkable theater makers on both coasts, including The New Group and Primary Stages. Nathan thanks his parents for their constant support despite how hard he often tries to hide his writing from them. 


Not Ready

is a piece conceived as hybrid of a short story and a dramatic monologue. The story, originating from Rosanne Limoncelli’s course “Understanding Story,” centers on a guy named Johnny as he finds himself trying to create a completely honest online dating profile late one night. While his intentions to move forward are pure, he finds himself still struggling with the memories of the woman he once thought was the love of his life. Through this one character’s voice, the piece aims to capture the humor and melancholy in looking for love, while also examining what it means to truly move forward from heartbreak.