Mollie Charlotte Suss

Mollie_Suss_052Mollie Charlotte Suss is an emerging web and graphic designer, and is currently a sophomore at Gallatin. She is studying typographic development and focusing on technology’s impact on design and type, particularly through computer science and art history. As a child Mollie received formal training in watercolor, acrylics, and oil painting, but more recently started focusing on digital art and design. Already working as a professional artist, she has created websites, brand identities, and more for friends and start-ups. Mollie’s personal work draws from her interest in feminism and visual aesthetics, with a special interest in color theory and texture.

New York City is a visual wonderland of curious and stimulating patterns, textures, and shapes. Living here for the past two years, I have immersed myself in the fast paced lifestyle that New Yorkers often embrace. Unfortunately, I found myself taking for granted the many aspects of New York City’s beauty as I rushed through it. This art piece aims to combat these tendencies, and encourages the viewer to take time to appreciate the architectural beauty that surrounds us. By utilizing the natural space and textures that buildings create together—and transforming it into something new—each scene challenges the viewer to see their surroundings in a new, multidimensional way.