Michael Sadowitz

Michael Sadowitz is a senior in Gallatin with a concentration in magic, art, and new media technology. He began his artistic journey acting in a few hit-or-miss productions, scribbling hilarious stories, and designing deceptive magic tricks. Now, after three years of intensive academic scholarship in the craft of illusion, Michael designs and conceals innovative technology for applications in sensory art.

Michael recently accepted an offer at HBO in their experimental virtual reality department where he constructs illusory experiences alongside other professionals who are pioneering this new medium.

Virtual Reality Show: Real Students of the Melting Pot
is an experimental digital play which is truly the first of its kind. Devised through an improvisational process loosely based on the Mike Leigh Method, these eight actors crafted original characters in a fictional universe which may be described as the sarcastic doppelgänger of our millennial NYC real-life equivalent: students living in the big city. With access to two six-story apartment buildings that share a rooftop, a third apartment and a connecting city street, the play is staged in a total realistic East Village universe. The viewer is walked through a dizzying maze reminiscent of MC Escher’s lithograph Ascending and Descending, a never-ending staircase during a dramatic 30 minutes in Aristotelian real time.

CAST: Cheryle Chong, Sarah Doody, Megan Tomei, Paula Miranda, Will Comer, Bryan Oliveira, David Corey Leos, Michael Sadowitz

CREW: Raul Carvajal, Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres, Michael Sadowitz