Mia DiChiaro

Mia_Dichiaro_063Mia DiChiaro is a senior at Gallatin concentrating in performance and arts activism. She is exploring the politics of the body through a social justice lens, working with a wide range of mediums, though exploring dance most extensively. This is her second time participating in GAF, having choreographed a participatory dance experiment entitled The SENSE/DANCE Project during her sophomore year. Behind the scenes, she has worked as a production apprentice at The New Victory Theater and served as a workshop facilitator with the De Luain Players, a Dublin-based theatre troupe of Down Syndrome adults. She now serves as the Mischief Coordinator for the nonprofit dance adventurists of General Mischief Dance Theatre.

How Did They Get In?

Out of the tragic Paris attacks that shook the world in November 2015, as well as rising mass shootings and xenophobia in the US, I am compelled to respond through movement to demonstrate solidarity with those abroad and at home. How Did They Get In? strives to create a space for reflection, mourning, and the envisioning of new possibilities. My intention is that this piece remains ever-evolving and open to possibility as global events continue to color our conscious and subconscious minds. My collaborator Mark Bankin (BA ’16) and I have teamed up to reimagine collected stories and dreams as movement. Special thanks go out to those who shared their stories, to the dancers, and to Mark Bankin, Leslie Satin, and to my family for their support.