Mary Hornak

Mary_Hornak_006Mary Hornak is a January 2016 graduate of Gallatin, where she studied the economics and history of the global fashion industry. In addition to her primary academic concentration, dance and choreography figured prominently into Mary’s undergraduate experience. A lifelong dancer with a background in a range of classical and contemporary techniques, Mary found a renewed passion for movement as she explored different approaches to the creative and choreographic processes through arts workshops as well as a tutorial course at Gallatin. Her most recent work is focused on uncovering the daily dances embedded in everyday movements and routines. She is particularly interested in the choreography of commutes. Mary served as a board member and co-president of Gallatin’s Dancers/Choreographers Alliance.

is the culmination of the choreographic work I created during my time at NYU. Based on pieces originally presented in Gallatin faculty member Leslie Satin’s arts workshops, Dancing explores the dances I have come to recognize in everyday moments. This work was predominantly choreographed on my commute from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Manhattan through the daily practice I developed in my final semester at NYU.

Following a particular route along McCarren Park and dancing as unnoticeably as possible while waiting on the L train platform at Union Square, I recognized through my practice how my daily movements were influenced by the new approaches to composition and improvisation I was taking in the studio and became more attuned to the ways my everyday routines entered my creative work. My dance challenges viewers to think about the influence that attention, intention, and the expectation of performance can have on our everyday movement through our environments. The piece represents my commitment to dancing every day and finding the beauty and detail in my daily walk.