Madeleine Stanley

Madeleine_Stanley_016Madeleine Stanley is a senior at Gallatin whose concentration, Entrepreneurship and the Aesthetics of Photography, integrates the business of freelance with photographic theory. Growing up in the woods of Connecticut has influenced her love of showcasing the uninhibited body in nature. She uses it as her conceptual portraiture subject to explore the emotions and beauty of the human mind and body. In addition to photography, Madeleine exercises her passion for art through cooking and baking.

Body Landscapes
Through Body Landscapes, I continue to explore my fascination with the body through an investigation into the beauty of human details. Small things— textures, colors—aren’t noticed on a daily basis. We always see them, so why should they be noticed? This piece is an attempt to emphasize the inherent beauty that is found in these details and to question the relationships and discomfort we have with our bodies.