Luke Smithers

Luke_Smithers_021Luke Smithers is a Gallatin junior. His concentration, Image and Affect, considers representation alongside psychoanalysis. He works within the tableau vivant tradition to convey narratives that read ambiguously but are of psychological complexity. He has been featured in Dazed & Confused Magazine and has performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Rules of Desire
I shaved my head and strangers asked if I had joined the Army. I decided to fully adopt their conception of my newfound masculinity. I bought a uniform at an army supply store and dressed for the camera. I sought to catalogue dangerous affects that could blow my cover—a gaping mouth, a gaze. I embrace the narcissism in these self-portraits. The presence of the camera asks that one perform. It is a relationship that allows us to look back on ourselves. Because we are privileged a glimpse of ourselves from the outside, we are freer to remake ourselves and in light of a lens that desires all that is within the frame we determine, set new rules of desire.