Liz Ornitz

Liz_Ornitz_020Liz Ornitz is a Brooklyn-based documentary and editorial photographer. She is a senior at Gallatin concentrating in digital media production, marketing, and art history with a minor in media, culture, and communications. Her studies are focused around the visual self-representation of marginalized communities and gender identity in art. Liz has been doing freelance photography for the past seven years during which time she has worked around the world. Inspired by her experiences abroad, her documentary work addresses social issues of representation and the ability that photography has to connect people and translate across cultures.

Visions Along The Divide
While spending a summer working in Jerusalem I had the opportunity to travel through the West Bank multiple times and each time I went I was struck by how captivating the landscape was. This highly politicized land is often shown only as a place of violence in the media but this documentary series reveals a beauty of the land that Western audiences may never have the chance to see themselves.

Our lives are so inundated with political bias from the media that it is easy to form preconceived notions of places and people. This series urges to the viewer to look beyond the visual rhetoric of the media in order to make his or her own conceptions of the landscape of the West Bank through the lens of a different perspective.

Inspired by vintage fashion editorials, this series explores the relationship between fashion and the atmosphere of a surrealistic urban landscape. The images are the result of a chance encounter with the throws of winter and where that inspiration took me behind my lens. I wanted to play with the graceful and challenging nature of the snow in a way that evokes a space and time of fantasy and subtle elegance.

This world is one of a time gone by, filled with the nostalgia of riches and grandeur that have been swept away into the midst of the falling snow.

A huge thank you goes out to my models Brittany Blanchard and Madeline Boles