Tiffany Liu & Manion Kuhn

Tiffany_Liu_Manion_Kuhn_011Tiffany Liu (pictured right) is an activist, art critic, and interdisciplinary artist who utilizes performance art practice to explore and render visible social relations that are otherwise deemed degenerate or subject to erasure. She is an undergraduate in Gallatin with a concentration that combines postcolonial studies, performance studies, and art history. Tiffany’s academic and performance interests use Afrofuturism as a point of departure to explore the structures of language, art spaces, and the embodiment of hysteria and mental health. Tiffany has performed in art events, on the subway, and through social media. Currently, she is performing a piece titled, “LCOME TO MY HELL HOLE WELCOME TO MY HELL HOLE WE” on her Facebook which humorously captures the anxiety of someone who has internalized racist ideologies.

Manion Kuhn (pictured left) is an interdisciplinary artist and thinker who utilizes performance and visual art, academic research, and writing, and arts administration and museum studies to explore the profound performances of everyday life. She is an undergraduate in the NYU Tisch’s Department of Performance Studies’s new BA program. Manion’s academic and performance interests include cult fitness cultures, hygienic rituals, food and consumption, paradoxical performances of trauma and health, and technology. Manion is a TEDX speaker and has performed in museums and galleries, on tennis courts and in bathrooms. Recently, she performed in the ITINERANT Performance Art Festival and at Cunnilingus Curated.

Trauma is Present
Much of our performance work explores the presence of the traumatized body in non-neutral public spaces and places. We use movement, research-based creative process, and performative research, rooted in chance and improv, to construct our collaboration.

Combining experimental movement techniques with raw forms of vocal expression, we draw the viewer’s attention to their presence in the space of performance. With our bodies, we hail viewers to engage with live, raw, primal human experiences. We believe trauma is stored in the body and mind in equal parts, and this collaborative performance work arose out of an exploration of the blending and bleeding of the internal, private world of body and mind into the public sphere. Here, we seek to render this internally contained performance as external and ever present.