Ashley Kang & Shira Feldman

Ashley Kang

Ashley Kang concluded her Gallatin degree last December with a concentration about artistic understandings and practices of memory, technology, and ecology. While she works in an edible school garden and a local produce farm in southern California, Ashley hopes to continue following her curiosity in art and pedagogy through analog and digital methods, including a project in Seoul on mapping artist collectives and recording sounds of the city. She digs archives, well-written secondary characters, and the support from her fam–related and befriended.

Shira Feldman

Shira Feldman is a junior in Steinhardt’s Media Culture and Communications program where she is examining the intersection of critical theory, technology, and creativity. Some of her past projects have explored concepts including the transmission of affect through digital media, the project of artificial intelligence according to Freud’s theory of the mind, and the visualization of social media data experiences. Shira and Ashley met last fall in Carlin Wing’s “New Media Research Studio.”

(Re)Mediating Manifestos

is a print publication as well as an interactive digital environment that explores the digital intersections of expression, subjectivity, and labor through close readings of manifestos by artists and thinkers across disciplines. A collaboration between Ashley in California and Shira in New York, the project aspires to culminate in a manifesto for the digital citizen whose life is mediated by recent technologies in any capacity and to recognize the significance of the manifesto as a trace of a history and a space for expression in self/collectively-selected and self/collectively-defined terms.