Julia Bassiri

Julia_Bassiri_003Julia Bassiri is an artist, athlete, and academic. She is a painter, a personal trainer and a master’s student of philosophy, psychology, and all else that her interdisciplinary path allowed her to pursue. In all of these roles, Julia is a creatively-driven individual who endlessly, obsessively seeks fascination. At Gallatin, Julia became fascinated with the intersections of mindfulness, somaesthetic philosophy, and expressive arts therapies. Her thesis, which Venn-diagrammed the likenesses of these disciplines, is essentially a commentary on creative multi-modal therapies, and their tremendous values. The discovery of self-efficacy, the pursuit of self-care and the personal healing that takes place when mind and body not only communicate but express themselves freely—is transformative. In January 2016, Julia completed FACE IT!, a collection of food-art inspired activities that embodies thespirit of self-appreciation discussed above.



Each moment has an aesthetic potential. Each moment has the capacity to be great, better than great, or the greatest. What that ultimately means is that there is infinite opportunity for sensory stimulation, intellectual engagement, and the inevitable interplay of the two—all of which make living, well, great. Therein lies a philosophy to live by: in striving to make our worlds the most appetizing that they can be, we must position ourselves so that our circumstances breed further delight. There’s a reason we make lemonade when life doles out lemons. But we need not only transform the sour to the sweet. The sour has artistic prowess of its own, and can lead to curious satiation when pursued. So pursue the sour. The mundane. The ordinary. The otherwise unremarkable. Pursue it all for its potential. There’s growth and good karma to come of it.