Joseph Rinaldi

Joey_Rinaldi_023Joey Rinaldi, a Connecticut native, recently transferred into Gallatin from Franklin & Marshall College. He is a young comedian and screenwriter who also enjoys writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and journalism. Beginning in his freshman year of in high school, he ran his school’s broadcast journalism club, which he later turned into a class. Joey interned for the New York Post last summer, where he published several articles in their Metro section. His comedy draws from comedic experiences in his everyday life.

Potty Training
The story told in this creative nonfiction piece retells the tale of the summer when I was fourteen and suffering from a stricture in my bladder. The piece began as a self-deprecating stand-up comedy routine where I mocked the implications of having a broken bladder. Then, last semester, in my creative writing class, I had to write a nonfiction piece about an unforgettable life experience. It was that assignment for which I created the first drafts of this piece.