Joosje Duk

Joosje_Duk_021Joosje Duk is a Dutch student at Gallatin in her senior year who is studying acting, screenwriting, and journalism. Last year, Joosje performed her one-woman show Waiting for What? at the Gallatin Arts Festival, which she later took to the United Solo Theatre Festival, the world’s largest solo festival. Joosje has acted in over ten NYU Tisch films and performed in Gallatin Mainstage’s Amphitryon (Jupiter), Gallatin Theatre Troupe’s Life on the Moon (Helen), and Brandspankin’s Honeymooners (Emily’s Psyche). She plays a supporting role in the Dutch feature film Public Works (Publieke Werken), which received a 2016 Golden Film Award after selling 200,000 box office tickets. Her short documentary Room for Depression won the Art with Impact competition. In the summer of 2015, she wrote, directed, and acted in her first short film, Heavy Feathers. Joosje is currently in pre-production for her upcoming short film Night.

Heavy Feathers

What do we need to know about ourselves to be happy? Inspired by pop-art imagery, Heavy Feathers tells the story of dreamy teenager, Myna, who, after finding a suspicious letter on the day before her 18th birthday, discovers that her father, who supposedly passed away right before she was born, might still be alive. Through the interaction between comedy and drama, the film shows Myna’s desire to look for her past in a household where her mother and sister only want to look forward. Is it better to always know the full truth or is life easier when things are left undiscovered?