John Belknap

John_Belknap_039John Belknap is a senior at Gallatin concentrating in gender and sexuality studies, art history, and critical theory. He is interested in re-locating hidden knowledge and creating works that respond to these forgotten histories and trauma. Specifically, do non-normalized desires and bodies today fit into the framework of the archival project for the artistic avant-garde? These themes are explored through meditations on silence, confession, artificiality, and nature.

Neither/Nor and Silence is a Strategy, Silence is a Prophecy

Rather than pull from realistic representations or extreme hyperrealism, John uses the tools around him—pens and pencils, food dye, magazine clippings, overheard conversations, observed art, etc.—to create his body of rather ordinary work. He plays with previously established signs and symbols to re-frame the context of their origins and current historical implications. These appropriations are established through a range of media, such as zines, stickers, drawings, paintings, collages, digital prints, and installations.