Jessica Salomon

Jessica_Salomon_010Jessica Salomon is a dancer, choreographer, and fiction writer from Houston, Texas. She is a junior at Gallatin where she is studying the interaction between narrative and art. Her concentration allows her to explore autobiography and how writers, choreographers, artists, and filmmakers chose to use use or refuse their own life experiences in order to create experiences for others. She currently dances with Gallatin’s Dancers/Choreographers Alliance, her home away from home at NYU. Her hobbies include rapping the Hamilton soundtrack, taking naps, and speaking Spanish.

Body Works
developed out of my own autobiography. I was 19, fainting, and having problems with my heart. I was scared. I vividly remember coming up for the first half of this piece, Arrhythmia, as I lay on a bed in a hospital while getting an echocardiogram and listened to the sound of my own heartbeat. Choreographing that dance was a way of taking back control in a situation where I felt helpless. For the Gallatin Arts Festival, I wanted to build on Arhythmia and to think about new ways in which I relate to the body through dance. I hope to inspire new thoughts about how the internal body is connected to movement, and how this connects us all.