Jesse Wheaton

Jesse_Wheaton_034Born in Oakland, California, Jesse Wheaton picked up graffiti and film photography as a kid. He is now based in Brooklyn and studies as a senior at Gallatin. He is creating the concentration Patterns: Sight, Sound, and Interpretation, exploring fine art, music, and theoretical physics through their shared stream of order and beauty. Jesse has been featured in exhibitions in San Francisco, Manhattan, and Berlin and been published in a handful of arts journals, magazines, and newspapers but this show will be his last for a while: he plans to return to Berlin post-graduation for a period of reconstruction before exhibiting again.

Music of the Spheres
During the past few years, my paintings have progressed into abstraction as I’ve become captivated by the raw beauty and texture of color. On a landscape of choppy acrylics powdered with pigments, inks, and satiny oils flow through gorges of dried linseed oil, blending with glossy mediums and degradative mixtures that eat away at color. I compose organic movement, controlling form while allowing tiny cracks and fractals to propagate from the synthetic competition of mediums. Now I’m reintroducing figuration and back into the chaos, shaping the color into a still life of a drying bouquet or a painting of music. By playing loosely with a palette knife and brush I’m able to create much more interesting images by showing the abstraction of the paint’s portrayal rather than a photorealistic articulation. This choice allows me to avoid any over-resolving of the images into too-easily digested concepts.