Jane Morgan

Jane_Morgan_028Jane Morgan is a senior at Gallatin creating the concentration Visual Representation in Music and pursuing a minor in Digital Art and Design. Her academic work explores how artists’s images are crafted beyond their music in visual paraphernalia, artist profiles, music videos, and the emerging concept of the visual album. She has a particular focus on how these images are cultivated, controlled, and politicized by the artists themselves, media, and the general public. Jane’s artistic work as of late has largely been focused on zine making, embroidery, and graphic design.

My Body is Not Your Battleground
This poster is the result of my desire to design a work that explores gender and sexual politics in an aggressive, propagandistic style. I was especially inspired by the Russian Constructivist style, and wanted to invert the pro-war sentiments of many works from that period into a commentary on rape culture. I am interested in the way one of the most notable artists from that period, El Lissitzky, with his poster, Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (1919), uses basic shapes and colors to depict violence more vividly and poignantly than many visually gruesome designs. I wanted to further charge my inversion of that work with a nod to Barbara Kruger in the text, changing a pro-war design to one that is decidedly in opposition to the invasion of bodies and sexual boundaries.