Izel Villarba

Izel_Villarba_031Izel Villarba is a senior in Gallatin with a concentration in psychology, screenwriting, and visual art that focuses on improvisation in the creative process. He writes screenplays, makes experimental videos and installations, takes photos, curates zines, and has recently taken up a fond interest in ceramics. Izel hails from Seattle, Washington, and is a product of two incredibly hardworking and inspirational parents from the Philippines.

What We Talk About in the Moonlight
is the retelling of a few days spent visiting a friend in Olympia, Washington. The cassette recitation of the great text, The Bhagavad Gita, is interlaced with clips of the trip and audio from a conversation while watching the moon late at night. Themes of life, death, and rebirth connect with and weave through the words of the Gita with those of the conversation, complemented by images of three friends living their daily lives. The metamorphosis of these memories, through the collage of audio and visual recordings, highlights our human inability to relive memories the way they were originally experienced. This piece represents the absurdity and surrealism of living, the futility of predictability, and the perfect imperfection of memory.

Que Será 01 “Roots”
Que Será (Thank you, Doris Day.) is a zine that addresses the shared narratives of youth in the world and being okay with “whatever will be,” good or bad. It’s really all the same but different. This issue deals with culture.