Isabel Bethencourt

Isabel_Bethencourt_011Isabel Bethencourt is a New York-based cinematographer and occasional director of documentary films. She will graduate from Gallatin in May 2016 with a concentration in documentary and cultural anthropology, focusing on the responsibility of telling “real stories.” Her interests also include photography, visual art, cute doggies, and buffalo ranching.

No Parqueo

No Parqueo is a photography series that aims to look at the resourceful, unique, and creative side of Cuba through the many different garages in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana. With all the talk of cars in Cuba, and the many photographs, there’s little emphasis on where the cars are kept or maintained. Walking around Vedado, what struck me most were the unlikely dissimilarity and beauty of the garages. The doors reflect the people inside, almost like portraits—each one is unique, architecturally different, and had often adapted from its original state to fit into its surrounding. Some are newer and recently painted, while others have become overgrown with plants over years of disuse. No Parqueo aims to be a kind of portrait of Vedado—of the personality, character, and potential of the people, the homes, and the city.