Noah Grosshandler & Em Watson

Em_Watson_Noah_Grosshandler_004Noah Grosshandler (Creative Director, pictured right) is a sophomore at Gallatin studying the means by which messages are relayed between artists and their audiences through their art.  He is the Co-Founder and President of the Gallatin Film Alliance and works as a Production Designer and Art Director on films. This Spring, his directorial debut Cells will be released.

Em Watson (Photographer, pictured left) is a senior at Gallatin studying Art/Life/Practice: Bodies, Space, and Culture. She has a background in various forms of dance which inform her photographic style. Her photography has been published in the Boston Globe, American Theater magazine, and on the cover of The Ballet Review.

Civil Blood

explores the themes of love, fate, and doom in the narrative of Romeo and Juliet. The environments in the images are physical embodiments of the themes and the settings, while distinct, all share a uniting aesthetic language that echoes the narrative of the play. Civil Blood originates from the desire to look at a familiar text through a new lens. By combining our backgrounds in photography and production design, we are exploring the process by which one creates a world that transcends the natural.