Grace Linderholm

Grace_Gurley_Linderholm_015Grace Linderholm is very tall and pink. After moving out of the pre-med track to study justice systems, she is now a junior at Gallatin who studies art history and practice. Her concentration is Modern and Contemporary Art History and Aesthetics, the Ethics of Justice, and Studio Art. She writes and researches the ways in which restorative justice becomes a language both interior and exterior to the art object. She is fascinated by narcissism, realism, temporality, ethics, immersion, and critical hierarchies.

Full Fathom Three
This painting shows three panels of a daughter’s relationship to her parents. The painting is not of the full Gurley-Linderholm family, but shows Dr. Jan Gurley, Owen Linderholm, and their daughter Grace, whose face is replaced with the head of an ass. Painted in crayon, oil, and acrylic, the work neither depicts alternate reality nor a dreamedup image. Painting and family life stand as two institutions that are given to us as a paradigm of choice and inheritance. The artist has inherited painting and her family as two beloved spaces. There is no trauma in this image of this family’s life.