Sarah Flamm & Angelina DeSocio

Sarah_Flamm_Angie_DeSocio_007Sarah Flamm (pictured right) is a senior at Gallatin who is developing the concentration Creating and Advancing Theatre: Producing and Audience Engagement. Passionate about new work and audience connection, she has interned at Davenport Theatrical, The Broadway League, and AKA NYC; and has produced for the New York Musical Festival. She is also on the executive board of the Gallatin Theatre Troupe and is a GAF producing alum. As a performer, Sarah recently originated the role of Millie Brown in Gallatin’s fall production, Diamond Alice.

A recent Gallatin graduate, Massachusetts-born Angelina DeSocio (pictured left) concentrated in organizational and consumer behaviors of the entertainment industry, focusing on art and entertainment from both an economic and psychological perspectives. A long time singer and performer, she started producing for the Gallatin Theatre Troupe soon after arriving at Gallatin, and has since been lucky enough to work with organizations such as the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Evamere Entertainment.

Concentrate on Us: A Cabaret

Talented goofballs Sarah Flamm and Angelina DeSocio proudly present Concentrate on Us: A Cabaret, in the grand tradition of self-indulgent performers throughout contemporary music history. This evening of show tunes and witty banter invites you, the audience, to join them as they reflect on their creative development at the end of academic careers. The pieces performed have been especially influential in their development as artists and highlight different aspects of artistic growth—from sources of inspiration to challenging oneself to find an individual voice. Most importantly, the show is a love letter to their continued learning processes: although their undergraduate experiences are coming to an end, their development as artists will continue. Please laugh, dance, sing along, and most importantly, Concentrate on Us.