Em Watson

Em_Watson_023Em Watson is a senior at Gallatin studying Art/Life/Practice: Bodies, Space, and Culture. Her photography has been published in The Boston Globe, American Theatre magazine, and on the cover of Ballet Review. Em has a background in various forms of dance, which informs her photographic style. Her interest in dance photography began in high school. In 2013, she spent the summer as the photojournalism intern at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. She is now an apprentice at a photo studio whose focus is in dance photography and freelances for various companies around the city.

Sacred Spaces
is an exploration of the personhood behind the dancer body. It is a reaction to the typical “dance photograph,” which places a beautiful body in an arbitrary space, and by doing so, focuses exclusively on the sculptural form of flesh and bone. This series explores the relationship of the dancer-human to the spaces they inhabit. Em asked each dancer to take her to a site that was for some reason sacred or emotionally important to him or her. Em then collaborated with the dancers to create photographs that go beyond a body in space, to tell a story about both.