Elisabeth Turner

Elisabeth_Turner_015Elisabeth Turner was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Her artistic work is partly inspired by her experiences with the evangelical community there but also derives inspiration from her experiences with New Yorkers. She moved to New York in 2011, around the time she began to work with photographer Katherine Angelique. Her concentration, The American Quest for Sexual Identity, focuses on that quest as it is seen in Christian sexual purity movements and their feminist counterarguments. She utilizes ideas broached in religious studies, feminist theory, history, biology, and new media to understand contradictions within that “American quest.” She also has a special interest in considering how science fiction and long-form blogging can be used as tools for social activism. Currently, she is working on a dystopian manuscript and blog that relate closely to the sexual struggles depicted in #shulamit the falling.

#Shulamit the Falling
Both personal and political, #shulamit the falling explores a darkened psyche’s attempts at transformation. Depicted here as alone, #shulamit attempts to gain an empowered perspective of herself after experiencing familial and societal exile. #shulamit wants to raise questions about competing ideas of femininity and agency. The name #shulamit signifies the struggle, abuse, and subsequent redemption experienced by the Shulamite woman in the Old Testament book Song of Solomon. Simultaneously, #shulamit hearkens back to more recent evens in the 20th century, namely, the sexual revolution and the feminist movers it gave birth to (such as Shulamith Firestone with her novel The Dialectic of Sex), and the modern woman’s quest for equality thereafter. #shulamit struggles amidst these forces.