Eirdis Ragnarsdottir

Eirdis_Ragnarsdottir_011Eirdís H. C. Ragnarsdóttir was born in Reykjavík, Iceland. With a Chinese mother and diplomatic Icelandic father, she has lived in Reykjavík, Beijing, Tokyo, and is currently situated in New York. Her Gallatin concentration explores today’s promotion of artificial identity and her artwork reflects on this in relation to body image.

Body, I
portrays the implications of perceiving the body as a separate entity from the self. This merchandising of the physique responds to social media profiling in which the body symbolizes a foreign reality. The multiplicity of identities is disorienting and can lead to a broken sense of self.

As a lifelong sufferer of insecurities concerning my physical appearance, I was trapped in cycles of physical neglect. My work today represents the journey towards a new way of perceiving. I’d like to make viewers aware that, despite the mentally and physically destructive consequences of body distortions, it is yet a condition that is applauded in distinguished societies. The collective consciousness towards producing disorderly identities is ongoing and this is a problem.

I felt disgusting in private but in public, I felt like a delicate flower.