Delaney Otjes

Delaney_Otjes_013Delaney Otjes is a third year at Gallatin concentrating in dance and the philosophy of art. Delaney has always been involved in the performing arts as a dancer and has had both a desire for understanding and an unyielding curiosity—a need to know how and why things are. Upon matriculating to NYU, Delaney began combining these interests in her studies in both practice and theory. In her current choreography, she hopes to be able to simultaneously perfect the technical aspects of her art as well as work to incorporate into it the newfound knowledge and theories she discovers.

Display Body
Where does my art exist? This question catalyzed this work. Combining the philosophically intangible with the physical reality of dance movement, my piece aims to explore the idea of the body itself as art piece. If we concede that each body part is art itself, then dance can be seen as a puzzle. We become a sentence that can be rearranged in a multitude of ways to create new meaning each time. A fragment of self is beautifully complete, it merely depends on what portion we wish to display.