Deborah Kim

Deborah Kim is a senior in Gallatin who has combined the studies of beauty, aesthetics, and visual arts to develop the  concentration Discovering Beauty Through the Intellect and Experience. She mainly works with the mediums of photography and film and seeks to express the subtle beauty of inner life in a physical world.

is an Instagram series featuring lonely gloves that have been lost in the streets of New York. It all started three years ago when I saw a black leather glove balancing against a blue construction wall in a curious pose. I took a picture and posted it. From then on, I began to see lost gloves everywhere I went. These gloves had been misplaced, left behind, lost and lonely. They were not only separated from their owner but, literally, from their other half. The tragedy I found in these lonely gloves was that they had been at one time a pair. They had belonged. They were whole. But now, they are no more than junk—forgotten and rendered useless. They had been created complete, but presently find themselves lacking in their inherent unity. People are relational beings—and desire to belong, to be loved, to love, to share in something genuine with one another. In the in the lonely glove, I saw myself. In the in the lonely glove, I saw the people of New York where they perhaps lose this intrinsic unity, in the pursuit of money and in the frenzy of a busy life lived towards a lonely goal.