David Derwin

David_Derwin_021David Derwin is a graduate student at Gallatin studying 3D animation and interactive media design. His work combines a traditional 3D approach with procedural techniques to build complexity through random chance. At the 2015 SIGGRAPH Dailies event, David shared the stage with Pixar, DreamWorks, and NASA and presented a portion of his thesis work, a custom software solution to procedurally model a full city in which each building is entirely unique from one another. David’s software can make such a model in a fraction of the time that it takes to do traditional modeling techniques.

Thoughtful Considerations of Unanswered Questions

Much of my work is driven by the desire to create something that I, as a viewer, would like to see. Thoughtful Consideration of Unanswered Questions began as a desire to see windows in curious micro-urban locations and required the creation of custom digital tools to procedural model 3D windows that would composite cleanly onto any flat or cylindrical object. The project evolved into a series of prints and accompanying stories that use numbers, logic, and math in order to quantify the poetic. The window in each print acts as the vantage point from which the stories are considered, informing the general environment of each story but not directly showing the location where the action takes place. In this sense, the work is somewhere between reading a book and watching a movie. When reading a book, your imagination fills in the details. When watching a movie, the details are presented to you. Thoughtful Consideration of Unanswered Questions invites the viewer inside the window to look out as each story unfolds.