Catherine Rickman

Cat Rickman is a Gallatin junior studying entertainment business and creative production, with a focus on music and television. She has been accused, at various times, of being a jazz singer, a Shakespeare nerd, and a fake Parisian. Her life goals include making The New York Times bestseller list, writing for HBO, opening a Great Gatsby-themed poet bar, and living in as many cities as she can.

EP (Title TBA)
This EP (title TBA) has been an experiment in genre-blending and musical storytelling as well as an attempt at challenging the confines of traditional musical styles. I have long admired the raw energy of rock, the catchiness of pop, the vocal acrobatics of jazz singers, the vocal technique of musical theater singers, and the lyrical complexity of folk songs. In this project, I tried to take the best aspects of all of these genres and create something that could be appreciated by fans of Ella Fitzgerald and the Arctic Monkeys alike.