Camila Kann

Camila_Kahn_006Camila Kann is from São Paulo, Brazil. She is in her junior year at Gallatin where she is developing the concentration Performance as a Tool for Personal and Societal Transformation. In it, she looks at the intersection between mental health, disability studies, social justice, and theatre arts. She explores the use of performance as a medium for therapy and its effectiveness as an agent for those marginalized in society. Camila’s artistic work derives from working with incarcerated men at Rikers Island and individuals at United Cerebral Palsy.

how can his singularity be plural?
is an installation project that uses mixed media to question why social beings tend to categorize, discriminate, and oppress one another. This piece displays distinct identities, which differentiate by their age, gender, color, ability, political stature, and status. This installation explores the relationship between the oppressors and the oppressed in order to understand the collective mentality of society.