Angel Parker

Angel_Parker_028Angel Parker is a third year student at NYU studying politics and urban education in the College of Arts and Science. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Angel came to New York with an open mind and high expectations. She has been writing poetry since high school, having performed and been published several times before coming to NYU. Angel is passionate about social justice and is an active executive board member of NYU’s Black Student Union and Women of Excellence, Strength, and Tenacity. After experiencing writer’s block during her first two years at NYU, Angel finally managed to articulate her frustrations and newfound knowledge through her love of writing. She writes for and from the mind and heart of an intersectional Black woman but understands that issues of social justice can overlap across marginalized communities. Angel hopes to pursue a career in education where she can shape the curriculum and experiences of society’s most vulnerable and impressionable children.

Who Taught You To Hate Me?
embodies my experience as a Black woman. It was written after witnessing an exchange between our freedom fighters in Ferguson, Missouri, who are mostly Black women. The women held a #BlackWomensLivesMatter protest to highlight the erased stories of Black women killed by police. Though the protest had a nice turnout, one important piece was missing—Black men. Out of hundreds of people, the number of Black men who showed up could be counted in the single digits. After expressing devastation and confusion regarding the absence of Black men, the women were met with contempt and outright disrespect from Black men, telling them they were being self-centered, divisive—even calling them names. The title is inspired by Malcolm X’s speech: “Who Taught You to Hate Yourself?” Black women birth/give life to Black men so to hate “her” is to hate himself and his origins.