Alicia Waller

Alicia_Waller_017Alicia Waller is a soprano from Northern Virginia and graduate student at Gallatin. She seeks to spread the joy of the classical voice through performances that integrate different cultural and musical traditions. At Gallatin, her research focuses on cultural diplomacy, which she uses to identify creative ways for classically trained musicians to facilitate intercultural understanding that transcends national, cultural, and social boundaries. Equally at home in recital, concert, and opera settings, her notable performance engagements include Opera Exposures at Snug Harbor Concert Hall, Prelude to Performance with the Martina Arroyo Foundation, Free to Sing with Strathmore Music Hall, Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Maryland Opera Studio, and Handel’s Messiah at the Kennedy Center. She is a voice student of Harolyn Blackwell and, at Gallatin, an advisee of Judith Sloan.

Vocal Migration
I am interested in pursuing diplomacy through music. This interest stems from an increasingly insatiable appetite for the many different musical cultures of the world. Globalization has lent the world an infinitely rich catalogue of music that spans the breadth of nationality, culture, geography, and time. I hope that by singing in languages and styles that are foreign to me in the company of diverse collaborators, I can become both a better global citizen and musician. More importantly, however, I am interested in the representation of a more harmoniously connected world through music. Can musicians encourage greater intercultural understanding between peoples by practicing diplomacy in their artistic choices? These interests define the basis for my thesis studies at Gallatin. I am presently exploring the Negro spiritual of the United States, Afro Samba of Brazil, and the folk songs of nineteenth century Czech Republic