Alex Hansen

Alex_Hansen_031Alex Hansen is a senior at Gallatin studying theater for social justice and is examining the ways theater can discuss and address systemic inequalities, particularly around race and class. Alex is actively pursuing many roles of creating theater and theatrical events, from writing and directing to production and stage management. She would be most pleased to be dubbed a “Jill of all trades” in theater. After graduation, you may find her working in a theater in New York, a music festival in Chicago, or exploring the streets of Buenos Aires.

The House Edge

is an opportunity to experiment with community-based and devising methods. Community-based theater involves the community and an artist or group of artists at every stage of the creative process. In this case, the many collaborators, including primary actors Liana Fernez, Hannah Fullerton, Fiona Gorry-Hines, and Brennan O’Rourke, are all NYU students, faculty, staff, or alumni. We have also spent time speaking with other NYU students on the topic. Devising the piece means that it is created in collaboration around a topic—in this case student debt—rather than working with text written by a single playwright. The topic of student debt and college affordability is ubiquitous on most college campuses today. It is particularly relevant at NYU, a school known for its hefty tuition and limited financial aid. This piece provides an opportunity to expand the conversation around student debt, both in its creation and its presentation.