Alee Bloom

Alee_Bloom_Dominic_Burkart_008Alee Bloom is a third year at Gallatin concentrating in illustration and animation. Her art delves into the relationships between society and the self, and the creation of the Other. Through digital and material art mediums she has explored concepts of memory, grief, and dissociation. Across all mediums, she hopes to create a space of empathy for herself and others where wordless emotion and experience can flourish, be felt, and healed. Alee’s ongoing work focuses on the interwoven natures of the queer experience, unpacking of childhood trauma, innocence, and naivety.

Alien Dialogue

is a performance art piece created by Alee Bloom and Dominic Burkart (pictured bottom). The piece investigates the analogous nature of language learning and queer experiences through reductive dialogues projected on to drawings of aliens in a French course notebook. The work explores concepts of frustration, isolation, misunderstanding, and hierarchy and invites audience members to question their own place as observers.

By projecting our histories onto simple drawings of extraterrestrial figures, we describe the postmodern complexities of identity and relationality.

Collaborating with Alee on this project is Dominic Burkart, an inter-media artist and psychological researcher in NYU’s College of Arts and Science.