Abe Libman

Abe_Libman_016 Abe Libman is originally from Great Neck, New York. He is currently in his senior year at Gallatin. He has a minor in Studio Art and likes to create multimedia artwork in which he focuses on combining acrylic paints with oil pastels in order to make highly textural, layered surfaces with complex colors. In his concentration, Expression and Human Constructs, Abe typically pairs art and writing classes with various world languages. He recently held his colloquium, The Metaphysics of Self-Actualization, in which he used his studies of literature, philosophy, psychology, and religion to deliberate what makes a “good” life. He currently works as a writing tutor and as a substitute teacher and plans to graduate school and use his studies to develop a therapeutic method for helping people who struggle with anxiety, depression, and addiction. He enjoys exploring spirituality and the world.
Trees Of The World 
It is no coincidence that the human eye is equipped to detect more shades of green than any other color. We tend to forget that we share our world with beings that outgrow, outlive, and vastly outnumber us. Trees offer wisdom that transcends conventional ways of relating to our environments. I have heard it remarked that humans are essentially upside- down trees: While trees have their roots in the earth and extend outward towards the heavens; we people have our roots in heaven and extend ourselves out into the world. We thrive in a symbiotic relationship with trees, as the plant and animal kingdoms facilitate each other’s survival. I have encountered a brilliant variety of trees around the world. We are only beginning to unlock the secrets of their communication abilities and the levels of consciousness that they experience. I invite the viewer to consider these natural wonders while looking at my paintings.