Aaron Gartenberg

Aaron_Gartenberg_021Since early childhood, Aaron has had an instrument, camera, or creative project in his hands. He started a landscaping company at a young age and sold it to pursue work in the arts and music industry. This has come in the form of music videos, media production, working at record labels, consulting, and more. Aaron started the NYU Gallatin School as a sophomore in the fall of 2015. He is actively pursuing a variety of business and production ventures.

Bike Rides

A lot of this video was shot at top speed on rollerblades in the East Village at 3:30 in the morning.

As a pop music video director, my videos frequently feature the artist, front and center, singing. My friend Tim Sommers sent me “Bike Rides,” a song inspired by his late night rides home from his studio in the almost-empty streets of Manhattan. It’s an electronic song, with no discernible lyrics, and Tim was indifferent to an appearance. This was my chance to do something different. Bike Rides is my first music video with a non-human main character.

I utilized a rhythmic editing style and experimented with stylistic effects, timing, aspect ratio, stop motion, texture, and more.